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breakfast & PWO nutrition

Does any body have any good suggestions for healthy high protein
breakfasts.I’m allergic to dairy proteins & wheat/gluten. I have trouble tolerating most foods first thing in the morning apart from fruit or wheat free cereals with rice milk. I try to eat egg white omletts but i feel sick for hours afterwards.
Also for post workout nutrition i can’t
use whey protein. I currently sip a sports drink during training and then have a tin of tuna( less tahn 1g of fat) a banana and a pack of raisins any suggestions on how to improve these two areas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey, there, Austin. Welcome to T-Mag. I see it’s your first. (grin)

Get past the “breakfast” mindset. I eat anything for dinner that I would eat for breakfast and vice versa.

There’s nothing wrong with an egg omelette or a high fiber cereal with protein powder. I’m not sure what your problem with whey is. A lot of people with dairy intolerances are still able to take in protein powder. I mix my protein powder (Low Carb Grow) with Splenda and water and use it as a milk substitute. LC Grow is a combo of casein and whey, though.

For breakfast (9:00 am), I had tuna fish with mayo and fish oil and a cup of chopped celery. (grin)

Protein is protein. I’d eat shrimp or chicken or beef jerky and a handful of nuts.

My recommendation is that you start working your way through some of the archived articles. Lots of food for thought (pun intended) and actual recommendations on what to eat. Just do a search on Berardi. Be sure to change the default T-forums to T-Mag so that you’re searching the articles instead of the forum.

Enjoy, and welcome again. If you have any questions after you’ve done some more reading, don’t hesitate to ask!

Austin, I should have read your post more carefully the first time. It looks like you have some digestive issues. I would like to see you deal with the health aspects of your nutrition before you try to stick yourself into a BB’s nutritional paradigm.

If you can, get into see a nutritional counselor and possibly get some tests run to see where things are breaking down. You may have food allergies or low levels of stomach acid.

While you’re working through your issues, I’d highly recommend that you read the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by d’Adamo.

Good luck to you, Austin!!!