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Breakfast Meals Besides Eggs?


My goal is to gain as much weight as possible. Knowing breakfast needs to be the biggest meal of the day, and that I have very limited time to eat in the morning, I know I need to find a fast way to get a lot of whole food in my stomach in a short period. Oatmeal is out of the question as well just because it takes me to damn long to eat it. I was thinking about whipping up a steak on the foreman in the morning, and making a veggie/fruit shake. I would also ideally like to have some other carbohydrates besides veggies/fruit, so I was possibly thinking whole wheat biscuits and gravy. Would this work? Any other better ideas?

Thank you.


Yes what you said will work. The problem people have is thinking just due to it being breakfast they haqve to eat so called breakfast food. You dont its just another meal eat food anything. with your goals potatoes rice etc, dense foods that pack a punch. Id say oats also but you say their out. PB toast etc.


Thank you for your response. I got the best idea. I am going to cook about 3 lbs of buffalo top sirloins for about 4 days. I will chop this up in small pieces and stick it in the fridge. I will also cook up a big batch of gravy for about 4 days and also put this in the frig. Before I go to bed, I will make my shake without water and put it in the frig. When I wake up in the morning:
1. Measure out 9 oz buffalo top sirloin
2. Measure out 2 cups gravy
3. Stick on stove to warm up
4. Add water to shake and make
5. Pour gravy/buffalo top sirloin on top of whole wheat biscuits.
6. Enjoy the fastest/healthiest/best tasting breakfast ever!


Could also do multigrain bread or toast!


Better yet, cinnamon swirl bread. Damn that stuff is tasty. Get the whole grain variety, it's not only better for you, it's actually fluffier and tastier.


I want some fluffy swirl bread!


Put your oats in a blender with some Grow!, Add a few ingredients and drink it on the go. Faster and probably be alot easier on you.

They've posted some great tips the last few days. It's like they know what I'm thinking. Look at yesterdays tip of the day and go from there.


ice cream
protein powder
extra virgin olive oil
various fruit- bananas and frozen mixed berries work great

put in blender
10 minutes tops.


Real meat on the foreman is a great idea. I will very often make a steak, or chicken breast in my rotisserie. Very quick, tasty and better than oatmeal any day.

Now I want some cinnamon swirl bread....


Drink Milk. Lot's of it. Mix it with your Grow.

A gallon of milk per day will put weight on you faster than just about anything else.


If you have time to eat a steak, not sure why you wouldn't have time to eat oats?
Here's my suggestion (which I eat), similar to one that's listed below.
3 scoops of oats
1 handful of raisins
1.5 scoop of Metabolic Drive
1 cup of water
1 cup of milk

Shake for 30 seconds. They another minute to eat. That's about 135g Carb, and 45g Protein - 720 cal.

Great thing about Raisins, is that they are one of the most 'basic' foods you can eat. This helps offset some of the acidity in our diets. There was a chart in one of Berardi's articles on this topic.


It takes you longer to cook and eat oatmeal than to cook and eat a steak??



Try this:

1 cup dry oats
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 liter of water
2 bananas
2 scoops of Grow! or Metabolic Drive

Put all of this in a blender. Run until smooth. D



I've been having a variation on a banana smoothie that Shugs had suggested a while back:

2 cups of carb countdown or skim milk

1 packet Weight Control Banana Bread Quaker oats

1 banana

2 scoops Banana Metabolic Drive

Handful of frozen strawberries

2-4 Ice cubes

Soooooooo good...


french toast

3 piece of wheat bread
soaked in
3 eggs
4 scoops Grow! - Vanilla
1 teaspoon of vanilla

fry it up and us real maple syrup


I did something similar to this all winter...

24oz whole milk
3 scoops Grow!
half cup oatmeal

To add even more cals, add some peanut butter.


Weight control quaker oats? What are these low carb oats? LOL. Actually I'm guessing its the banana bread portion of the quaker oats that needs the weight control, no? Gotta check that out..


I think they just add whey protein.

It is pretty good.


Yeah, it's basically just quick oats with some added Whey Isolate, plus I think they managed to squeeze in some extra fiber as well.

I wouldn't use them over regular oats if I were just having oatmeal, based purely on the price per lb. difference, but for the purpose of the shake I put them in, they're perfect.