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Breakfast Ideas


Looking for some breakfast and snack ideas. Only have a small mini-fridge with little room (partly beer-induced; I know, I know) and a microwave. So far, I've got cottage cheese, peanut butter, some turkey, oatmeal, and egg beaters. But the egg beaters will have to be microwaved. I have some Grow! bars too. Any suggestions would be great.


Well, snacks, not breakfast. Nuts. The damned things keep forever, are easy to take with you wherever you go and are calorie dense.


Yes, good choice. I'll see if I can get some in bulk.


Jerky is great for snacks. Chicken sausage is pretty good, if a bit pricey.

I would highly suggest investing in a George Foreman grill. You can make all kinds of nifty stuff on one.


I mix protein powder with my oatmeal every morning. fast and easy way to get your protein.


Thanks for the suggestions.


Ah yes...the only eddible use for vanilla flavored protein powder...

Oh, and dude, get tuna. It's cheap and doesn't take up much space. Also try plain low or non-fat yogurt (with almonds). Tyson premarinaded frozen chicken is also a good choice.