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breakfast for Berardi??

After reading his latest article was wondering about carbs for breakfast. Old wisdom from many t-maggers used to say carbs postwork and carbs in morning due to overnight fast to replenish low glycogen. I know alot depends on goals(bulking or cutting),but as for trying to gain lbm while losing bf what are the opinions out there now? Is the six hour window post workout enough that we don’t need any in the morning?

I’ve been wondering the same thing… I have been having a .5 cup of Kashi Go lean crunch with .5 cup of milk and shake. It starts me at about 30 grams of carbs first thing in the morning.

I am trying to cut back my carbs and that is the single largest intake of carbs I have (other than Surge) but I’m not sure its worth it.


i would say that it depends on you personally. some people just need more carbs than others. i’m a fan of di pasquale’s metabolic diet since you learn what is the optimal amount of carbs for you. you could discover you need more than you are currently eating, or might need less. it’s all pretty personal. you might even discover you do well on low carb…who knows.

Kashi Go Lean has soy in it.


go with oats and blueberries.

If lean is priority then skip the carbs.

Depending on when you workout is what depends or should be dependant on what you are to consume considering your goals.

I personally eat 1 cup of oats, with 1/2 cup of blueberries

Ya I know Kashi has soy, but I just don’t dig the oatmeal and making eggs every morning is not realistic. I gotta change it up…


For what it is worth I seem to remember Berardi and several others in T-Mag coming to the conclusion that carbs after the sleeping fast arent as needed as previously thought. This is due to the fact that the act of sleeping itself isnt going to deplete your glycogen stores in the muscles. So the carbs arent needed to restore the muscle glycogen, which is the reason we consume them. I cant recall which articles this was in.

I definately need my oatmeal with protein powder in the morning.

I just bought some milk that low carb with added protein. I can’t remember the name of it, but planning on adding it to my flax cereal, protein powder, and the milk. I feel like crap without any carbs in the morning.

so would fruit be better in the morning since liver glycogen would be used?

I also was wondering something after reading Berardi’s latest article. If he is suggesting that one only take in his carbs during and post workout, then on non workout days would one eat almost all p&f meals only? T-Dawg 3.0?


I think it all burns down to what your goals are at the time. I am cutting so on no training days I take in all P+F and my few carbs coming from veggies. On training days I eat p+f up to training and then pwo shake (P+C) and 1 meal (P+C). It also comes down to the individaul. This is what I have found to work best for me. Everyone is different and needs to experiment and find what works for them.

Well my goals are bulk up, but I think I may try bulking on that type of diet. Carbs only workout and post, and fat and protien the rest of the time. But your right it all comes down to experimentation.


My advice if you are trying to bulk up is to eat everything you can get your hands on…stay away from my wife. Even one T-mag article, damned if I cant remember which now, says that even McDonalds is your friend when you are trying to get all the calories you can bulking (obviously some McD’s choices are better than others).

Also, concerning carbs in the morning, I heard it was a good idea (even for those trying to lose weight) to add atleast a few carbs because it helped to get the metabolism going after sleeping. Maybe someone with merit can confirm/deny and give reasoning to this.


Thumper, I appreciate the advice but the “eat everything in site” mentality I tried when I first started lifting over a year and a half ago and I ended up with some muscle but a little too much fat. My waist went from 31 to 34 and people started to comment at work. Besides I remember reading in Berardi’s article that what he was trying was giving his athletes the elusive muscle gain with fat loss, so I would really like to see how that is set-up in terms of calorie/macro breakdowns but I guess I would have to hire B for that, oh well maybe one day when I am rich and famous - for now I will just have to experiment on my own.

But my current diet has me eating 300carbs, 300 protien, and 120 fat so I am eating quiet a bit ( I weigh 157 with a goal of 180).

Leftover pizza.

The diet that suggested McD’s is your friend was the “Skinny Bastard Diet” and not for most people.

For what it’s worth, this is what I’ve been doing for about six months, and it’s working out great. On days I don’t workout, it basically looks like a keto diet.

JB, you mean its working great as in your losing bodyfat while packing on muscle? I would like to have more details as to diet breakdown and all if your willing to post it.