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Breakfast food ideas (I need em)

What do you folk eat for breakfast? Here comes my insane wish list… meat, veggies, warm, freshly prepared, quick (10 mins or so), and tastes good.

Right now my breakfast is Grow and whole wheat bread (the kind that looks like it has paint chips in it, good stuffs). I’d like to get away from the wheat, and into veggies also cut down on the grow and get something warm. thanks in advance

Scrambled eggs with cheese and peppers. Takes about 3 minutes.

Good ole Oatmeal and I love the scrambled eggs too Michelle, I use egg beaters and a half cup of salsa.

thanks but I want something as healthy as possible, scrambled eggs and the resultant frying is something I want to cut out completely (and I actually did… ok cept the occasional McDonalds cheat meal insanity every few months) I want to avoid at all costs. Also want to avoid grilling.

I had steak and more steak for breakfast this morning. I would highly suggest it.

Use a non-stick pan to cook your eggs. Spinach, smoked salmon, tomatoes, either in a scramble or omelette. If you are going to eat a McDonalds, a little oil in you eggs is the last thing to be worrying about.

I dont see how pan frying scrambled eggs can be unhealthy. If you use a non-stick pan you wont need much oil at all, and you can use olive oil which is good for you.

You dont need oil to scramble, just some pam, on a side note, heating oil, including olive, changes its structure and makes it “bad”, does it not?

I usually have 5 egg whites along with 2 whole eggs, a half a cup of oatmeal, a 4-6 oz steak, and a glass of orange juice.

The only thinh I get tired of is the oatmeal, then i just replace with a bagel.

London Broil chopped up and sauted in peppers and onions w/ 3-4 egg whites in wrap w/ mild salsa. Sometimes steak and 3-4 egg whites w/ A1 sauce…

Beer or coffee and cigarettes…:slight_smile: hee hee hee

I would highly suggest the eggs. Preferably the omega rich kind from the health food store. It is quite good. The yolk of an egg is the last thing to worry about as is the “frying” of the egg. There is some validity to possible changes in a cooked egg though.

  1. The cholesterol in the egg, while not going to be harmful in your body if preserved, can be oxidized when heated. This is a result of scrambled eggs. Direct heat can oxidize the cholesterol but it is minimal. I find either soft boiled or over easy is a good way to eliminate this.

  2. Secondly, frying a food, at a high temperature will change the structure of a fat but this is highly variable. The stability of the fat is of importance. saturated fats being most stable, butter for example. Next coming monounsaturates like olive oil and finally the most potential fat to change structure to a transfat when heated very highly is a very polyunsaturated fat such as “vegatable oil” By that time anyways the extraction of the oil from these “vegatables” has already damaged the fat, not to mention it is actually the highly polyunsaturated fat(excluding omega-3’s) that are more of a danger to you than even pure fresh butter. Your not cooking these eggs at a high enough temp. anyways to have any real effect on fat damage but the choice of fat you cook with will minimize the extent. So enjoy your eggs with a little bit of fresh butter or olive oil. There are a lot worse things that you could eat.


If you are concerned about the oxidation of the oil, cook at low heat, and select an oil with a high smoke point. Grapeseed, and rice bran oil have relatively high smoke points.

The BEST way to do eggs is poached in egg cups. With practice you can get the whites done perfictly and only have the yolk warmed thrugh… mmmmmmmmmmm!

Another way I used to do it was in my 'good' pan. I spent about $20 on a really nice non-stick pan and 'fried' eggs with nothing but heat. Heat the pan REALLY hot with the lid on, then throw in your egg, put the lid on and turn the heat down. Wait about a minute to a minute 30, no peeking! then turn the heat off and slide the egg on to your plate. mmmmmmmm again!

I ussually by eggs by the cartons and boil a carton at a time so in the morning I grab 2-3 eggs, some oatmeal, a bagel, a centrum, and a protien shake. Alot of food fast.

1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup Fiber One cereal (14g fiber!)

3 breakfast patties (yeah yeah, I know, soy…)

Scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes. I dont put anything onto the pan when I cook,maybe you just need to find the right pan?

Hmmm, sounds like I am in the same boat as everyones else in terms of eatin eggs for breakfast. Lately, I have been eating 6 egg whites scrambled with about a cup of oatmeal with a scoop of whey protein mixed in with it. Although, I have a comment on the non-stick PAM…did anyone read an article from TC awhile ago in which he says you cant trust food labels!! Non-stick, supposandly FAT FREE cooking spray is a crock of shit!! If you look at the serving size, its .3 of a second spray. And technically, a fat free food can be labeled fat free if it has 0.5 grams of fat or less per serving. Do you know how many servings are in a can of cooking spray??? Usually well over 550!!! Just something to think about.

4 eggs scrambled or in an omlette with cheese, mushrooms, onions and peppers. If I’m craving something sweet I’ll blend two eggs up with a scoop of grow and make a big protein pancake. I’ll top it with some splenda and cinnamon or low sugar jam.

OK easy solution. Put a bunch of water in your frying pan no oil needed heat the water put the egg in there voila you have a healthy no trans-fatty acid egg which I think was you hang up. OH yeah and someone else mentioned the Mc’ds thing well if you are going to f’up then f’up all the way huh. You don’t half ass anything do ya. ahahaah