Breakfast Bread for Lifters

Breakfast Bread for Lifters

Grab 'N Go Breakfast Bread

Stop shame-purchasing muffins at the drive-through on busy mornings. Instead, whip up a loaf of this on Sunday. Breakfast will be ready to go all week. Think of it as portable oatmeal with a protein kicker.

This is a riff on banana bread, except there’s no added sugar, plenty of quality protein, good carbs to squash any excess morning cortisol, and a healthy dose of berries, fruit, and even a vegetable.


  • 1/2 Cup rolled oats (old fashioned)
  • 1/2 Cup oat flour. You can buy it pre-ground here or pulverize your own in a food processor.
  • 1/2 Cup pure pumpkin (canned, not pumpkin pie filling)
  • 1 Cup (about 3 scoops) vanilla Metabolic Drive Protein
  • 1 Cup liquid egg whites
  • 1 Banana (sliced)
  • 1/2 Cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • Cinnamon (lots)
  • 1/3 Cup Splenda or equivalent low-calorie sweetener


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius).
  2. In a bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients together: oats, oat flour, protein powder, cinnamon, and sweetener.
  3. Stir in all the wet ingredients except the blueberries: pumpkin, egg whites, and banana.
  4. Using a stick/immersion blender, whiz everything together until a batter forms. A powerful pitcher-style blender or food processor will work too.
  5. Stir in the blueberries.
  6. Add batter to a foil, glass, or silicone loaf pan. I use a six-inch foil pan, but you could even use a muffin pan (just reduce the cooking time).
  7. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes. Poke a toothpick into the top and if it comes out clean, it’s probably ready to go.

Calories & Macros

Cut into 6 slices and here’s about what you’ll get per piece:

  • Calories: 168
  • Protein: 18 grams
  • Carbs: 21 grams
  • Fat: 1.5 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams



Bonus: Book Recommendation

I got this idea from The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook, by Anna Sward. I modified the original recipe quite a bit, but this book is still a handy resource.

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