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Breakfast Before Morning Muay Thai?


I’ve decided to start training muay thai again after an 8 month break. I can’t make it to afternoon sessions due to personal schedule but my gym offers morning sessions as well, which starts at 7 AM. Since the gym is nearby, I’m planning on setting my alarm clock for like 5:50 AM.

When I went lift weights in the morning using similar schedule, I could afford to pop some small breakfast (a bit of oats with protein powder) but I’m slightly worried about this one, since it’s more endurance based and there’s a lot of hopping around, high kicks, not to mention getting hit in the stomach.

What would you guys recommend? Eat something (if so, what food won’t “weigh me down”), just pop a protein shake and go or eat nothing at all?


I live in Thailand. Friends and Thai family fight.

Most dont eat before morning training.

Some of the foreigners do a lite carb drink prior to am workout.
Other than that they eat regular Thai food

Breakfast is normally eaten after the morning training session.

Nobody I know uses supplements for Muay Thai.

Try Bcaa and carbs.

Best of luck