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Breakfast, baby!

This morning a tried something new. I tossed some old-fashioned oatmeal into a bowl and nuked it for 2 minutes in the microwave. Took it out and added 2 scoops of Grow!, added some more water, a little cinnamon, stirred it up and woofed it down. Damned good breakfast in under 5 minutes, including eating time. Try it! Never skip breakfast!

ya man thats cool, i had an awesome breakfast yesterday, had 2 packets of cinnamon roll oatmeal, a couple glasses of milk, and some in the oatmeal, 4 toast with p/b, and some grapes on the side, pretty damn good. On the weekend, i usually go all out and make a breakfast with a half a pound of bacon or the whole thing, if my dad eats with me, and about 6 toast, 4 eggs, some orange juice or milk and sometimes throw in some fruit, a killer haha.

Be an ardent lover of cereal based breakfasts, I do mine like this. 70g oatmeal/oatbran mixed 50/50 ratio and slowly brought to the boil on the stove. Difference in taste and texture over the microwave is worth the wait. Yes yhen mix in 30g protien powder, stir it up and wolf it down. Great. I use strawberry flavour powder, its great. Why not try either 100g allbran or 100g museli done the exact same way. I eat them on alternate days. While doeting by the way, this all goes out the window and is replaced by 200g back bacon, 2 or 3 fried eggs and 20 drops of liquid digestive enzymes. Equally great. Until next time. JR.

Hey JR, can you please tell us more about the liquid digestive enzymes?

I just did this except I used some Protein Factory protein (which tastes like shit) and some orange juice. It’s not bad, considering how rancid the PF protein tastes; once I get more Grow I’m sure it will taste much better.

JJ. The product I use is by “BIOFORCE” and is called Milk Thistle Complex. It contains, Artichoke, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and a few minor others. It is a tincture, so just take the 20 drops in a little water. It tastes Foul. JR