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Breakfast and Heaving

I have this lovely and fun new quirk that greets me every morning. I can’t eat anything substantial within 2 hours of waking without either dry heaving or coming extremely close to vomiting.

This started to materialize when I was working on bulking. I never had any sort of trouble like this before bulking, I would be hungry in the morning and eat breakfast relatively soon after waking and eat quite a bit usually and NEVER have any issues.

I’ve found the best solution to be eating 3 scoops of protein with some organic peanut butter mixed in. I think I’ll start buying apples, I could probably stomach 1 or 2 of those in the morning also. I’ve tried such things as oatmeal or bagels and they just plain don’t work.

Has anyone developed this and resolved it?

go see a doctor about this, i suffered with this for a long time, once i got a camera down my throat they found the top of my stomach was infected gave me some meds and after a month it became all good, but i was also diagnosed with crohn’s aswell…so go speak too a doctor about it

I can’t say I have exactly the same problem as I don’t feel that I come as close to puking as you. However I wake up with really no appetite and if I tried to force food on a consistent basis I may develop this type of thing as well. I drink a protein/carb shake instead. 1 cup of milk, 1 scoop of protein, and a cup of oats. It’s fast,easy, and non-filling and within an hour or two I have a good appetite going.

Maybe you should follow jtg’s advice first though.

Thanks for the responses.

Radcon . . . we might have different situations. I always have an appetite in the morning, sometimes the food doesn’t want to go down or stay down in the morning.

Something very interesting happened a couple of nights ago though. I had a protein shake about an hour before bed and felt the exact way I do in the morning. I think that the protein I am taking is exasperating or even causing the problem. I’m switching protein and maybe this thing will resolve itself, otherwise I’m going to a doctor.