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Breakfast and Bulking

OK, so I’m going to start bulking again after being totally screwed over by school, football and my non existant sleep patterns. I’m just starting to get everything together as far as school goes and I figure that christmas break is as good of time as any to get my shit together as far as training goes.

i’ve been doing a loooot of reading on nutrition on this site and somewhere in there i read that someone who is bulking is going to want to spike insulin levels several times throughout the day, but i’m assuming that doesnt mean i should go and eat a bowl of pasta in the morning, does it? Stuff like that would lead to my becoming more insulin resistant, correct?

I’m rather confused on the whole insulin thing (an area which i neglected to really pay much attention to prior to now).

so lets say i’m bulking (which i am). Does this look about right?

meal 1 - some source of protein along with a moderately high GI source of carbs, coming out to about 1:1 P:C ratio

meal 2 - protein and good fats
meal 3 - same as meal 2
meal 4 - mid-workout Surge
meal 5 - post workout Surge
meal 6 - 2:1 carbs to protein, high GI carbs
meal 7/8 - it’s recommended that i eat about 1:1 P:C ratio correct? But what kind of carbs would most likely be most beneficial?

Sorry if this post seems kind of slopped together, i’m kind of in a hurry right now and will be back to elaborate more if needed. any help you could give me at this time would be well appreciated however. The areas in which I think i’m most confused are the carb choices at breakfast and following meal 6, but i realize I may be unknowningly confused in other areas, so if you see something i’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

IMO the only time you need high-gi carbs are PWO. All other times of the day try to eat whole grains, veggies, and fruit as your carb sources. If you haven’t read John Berardi’s articles on nutrition yet you defintley should. You can find them on this site.

Exactly, good carbs are hard to come by. Oatmeal and vegetables are just about my only choices. Now post workout you may want to drink a bottle of Vitamin Water or Gatorade with a whole-grain bread sandwich and then get your protein. Otherwise it’s protein and fat for the most part.