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Breakdown of Today's Intake


I decided to count carbs, fat, protein, and calories today instead of just protein intake. I came up with this:

Calorie Fat Carb Protein
3437 129g 357g 212g
33% 41% 25%

Personally, I think that I need a higher % protein and lower fat. Today was a higher intake day though. I'm going to count everything for this week and average it out. I'm thinking 3000 kcal/day with around 240g protein though. I weigh 187 and I'm 15. I just wanted an opinion on this. What do you think?


I think it looks fine.


I'd be shooting for higher protein and lower fat.


Am I the only one thinking carbs are too high?


Lower carbs, then see how that works, add protein, if you need, add fat.


Nope, seems way too high unless he engaged in hours of anaerobic activity today.


How tall are you and what's your bodyfat level. Maybe he needs a lower calorie percentage.


I'm about 6' and I've got no idea what my BF% is unfortunately. You really think carbs are too high?


Are you fat? If you aren't fat then you're 15 and I don't see any problem with you just eating what kids eat (albeit trying to be healthy about it).

Wait until you're fat and/or unable to gain strength to worry about your diet.


Why develop bad habits now?


No I'm not fat. I would agree with Spartiates though. Why permit myself to eat crap just because I'm 15?

I'm really not worried about losing and strength has been going up steadily. Certainly more ideal size gains can come from eating better though.

Kcal Fat Carbs Protein
3624 148 400 173
1332 1600 692
37% 44% 20%

Carbs are higher because I had a bunch of rice today. Protein is low. I'll be getting that up to 200+ soon. Fat still seems high to me though.


Fat doesn't necessarily translate to higher fat levels in your body. IMO carbs are more likely to lead to fat gain in most people. There's a reason a lot of people lean up on the anabolic diet (all protein and fats).


What are your goals?

Your percentages indicate a fairly balanced diet, macro-wise. For unknown or unspecified goals, I'd say that's a good place to start.


I think it sucks that it took 9 posters before someone asked what are your goals.

How the fuck can you guys give advice if you dont even know what this kid's after?

Thx EasyRhino.


Sorry for taking so long to reply. Internet has been down. Right now I'm trying to get up to 200 and then see where I'm at and re-evaluate.