Breakdown for a Pre-Workout Shake

Hi i am trying to put together a preworkout shake. Im a little new to this, havent looked at pre and post workout meals, thats the next step. The question is, if i dont get a proper meal in before the gym, do i include carbs in the pre shake? Would i change when i take the shake?

Also, ive read threads talking about during workout shakes, but just read an article stating that during wo shakes arent necessary. Would anybody have a link or name of an article i could look up on the subject? Im trying to figure out when and how much bcaas to take. More, the same or less than post workout.

I have protein isolate and concentrate. Concentrate has a better amino profile, but is it a marginal difference? So would i consider that in deciding how much bcaas to supplement with?

Thanks for any help

your goals would be kind of important in answering your question.

for example, someone that is looking to put on size and has great carb tolerance might do well with 1/2s of carb/protein pre-workout, 1/2 during,and 1 post.

on the other hand, someone looking to lose fat might be best of just consuming BCAAs just prior to training and maybe 1s of carbs/protein post-workout, or not at all.

my goals would be size, but trying to keep bf% down

carb tolerance i would not know?