Breakdancing SMASH!!

I just had to…


I feel bad for laughing, but I can’t help it.

Where were the parents durring this.

Without looking, I’m gonna guess that this is the black dude bustin a move right into that toddlers face…


reminds me of when that wide recieve smashed in to that 4 year old, people should keep tighter reign on thier kids.

Similar thing happen while i was reffing a grappling match, kid bolted on to the mat

Must be the same idiot father who was at the Amgen Tour de California bike race a couple of months ago. The pack was turning a corner and heading right for us (we were behind barricades) when this moron runs into the street to take a picture with a toddler on his shoulders. The lead bikers actually had to swerve to avoid hitting this imbecile.

[quote]n3wb wrote:
Where were the parents durring this.[/quote]

It looks like the mother was patiently waiting for her toddler to get kicked in the face, and only then decided it was time to enter the sacred ground of a break-dancing circle to protect her.

Good stuff.

You got SERVED!!!