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Break Week

I got a question. I’ve been working hard, and dieting hard for 13 weeks straight. Now, I’ve come to a break week (im a college student and i got spring break now). Coming home I’ve eaten out with my parents like every day, getting huge plates of Chinese food, Steak house steaks; basically, I eat without restriction.

I have two questions:

  1. Should I take creatine during break week?
  2. Can I eat like a pig during break week?


porkchopexpress, I’m a firm believer in an all-out blow-out from time to time. Enjoy! (grin)

That doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight. You will. You may even gain some fat. NBD. When you’re done with your break, go back home and get back into your old routine. It won’t take long to get back to where you were.

The above advice is all the more important if you’ve been dieting strictly going into the break. The brain and body, both, need a break from time to to time.

Enjoy! And please, while you’re out on the town with your parents, enjoying a good meal, have an extra piece of chocolate cake (or something equally sinful) for me, would ya? (grin)

Forgot to answer about the creatine. Sorry.

Skip the creatine if you’re not working out. You’ll refill creatine levels fast enough when you get back home and start working out again. NBD. Save the money.

thanks…I will eat an extra slice of pecan pie for ya


Oh, yum! Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face. (grin)

I agree with TT. (Of course I’d be a moron not too!)

Enjoy the week off. It’s good to take a break, mentally and physically, every now and then. Don’t worry yourself about it and enjoy spending time with your family. When you get back, you’ll be rested and ready to hit it hard again.

Personally I would only pig out for two, three days. I gain fat way too easy, why ruin all the dieting for a few extra days pigging out?

If YOU don’t gain too much fat, go for it. I come from a fat family, my mother and brother are easier to jump over than to walk around;-)