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Break in Superkatana


I’ve got a problem with my super katana 44 SS its pretty thight and i cant touch…if i touch i let the bar go forward to my feet and the weight become too much to lift… here some videos

210kg 3boards

195kg few cm to touch

190kg 1 board

190kg touched

Any tips?

That last video looked pretty solid to me. It’s kind of tough for me to tell, but maybe you have room for improvement in terms of your set-up. Really drive your traps into the bench to keep your arch, contract your lats to “set” your shoulder blades, squeeze the heck out of the bar, and imagine trying to bend it in half while descending. All of this is geared toward staying tight and “loading” the shirt.

I got 190kg of max raw…so u think i coukd bench more than 210 with the shirt.

I dont feel it good when im some cm to touch and i loose the right
path i think

I use the same shirt.

I noticed you have the belt on, and what I usually do to get used to the shirt is I use the shirt unbelted, and I let it ride up.
This hits me in the throat, but it also is letting me get less pop at first until I get used to it. Once I get it to touch I then put a belt on.
Once I am used to it I can tweek the shirt so I can get maximum use. I have used it with as little weight as 125kg to touch and up to a max of 175kg so far @ 74kg bwt.

I hope this helps.