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Break from Powerlifting - Advice?


So I have a PL meet I've been training for for a bit, and it's coming up in a little over a month. After the meet, I'll take a week or so OFF, and then I want to do a bit of "bodybuilding". Just want to change my mindset, keep things fresh, and maybe get to look better naked too. I have ZERO intent to ever step on a stage, I guess I just want to get bigger and leaner. I was hoping that someone could point me at a good, effective, basic BB template that could work towards my goals. In addition to weight training, I will be adding in significant SS cardio, as well as some tabata drills.


Currently 6'0" 220-225ish lbs depending on what day of the week it is, and as far as my BF% I have no idea... how about... ab column with a tiny bit of love handle.

I appreciate


Do the opposite of your current powerlifting training, and you'll get some good gains.


Ummm... a bizzaro powerlifter, lol?

So... rrr... I gues that would be low volume, high reps of many different exercises? I need a little more guidance... I really don't know anything about training for hypertrophy other than that powerlifting put a ton of muscle on me, lol


run wendler's 531 with the bodybuilding adaption. keep working on basic strength and then do some accessory work volume. running it right now and love it.


I dunno what scheme you're on right now, but if you're running a movement based split or an upper/lower, try running a full-on body part split for a while, and hammer the volume, keep the reps higher than you're used to working with.


I agree with all of the above. I'm a PLer as well, but to loss some fat and add some muscle I'd consider changing everything dramatically (doing the opposite) to give a whole different stimulus to the body. Not to mention it will give the joints a break.

Personally, I'd do Wendler's 5/3/1 with the BBing template so I'd maintain strength as well. However, a completely different stimulus would be something like one of Cosgrove's programs in "New Rules for Lifting" (or something comparable on here). It's total body, higher rep and can focus on fat loss or hypertrophy.

Just some thoughts.


This is huuuuge. Also I can't run 531, as EVERY SINGLE TIME I pull heavy for reps, I f- up my back.


do you pulll sumo or convential?


Westside for fat bastards


If you serious about the PL, I wouldnt drift away from a PL routine for too long, otherwise it may take a long time to get back to where you were THEN you'll want to increase your lifts. What I'm saying is dont undermine you main focus (PL if it is the main focus).


Just do a simple repxset scheme per week man,


......Week1 Week2 Week3
reps: 4 6 10
Sets: 4 3 3
Tempo: normal 30x1 normal
ROM: full Full 3/4

Something like that,


I agree with aragorn's advice. I personally am going through the transition myself from powerlifter to bodybuilder.

I am finding it can be quite hard to stay away from the singles and doubles, heavy stuff.

Try a bodypart split, hitting everything once per week. Or, slightly less volume and twice per week.

Right now the heaviest I go is a max triple on the big three. I try to aim for over 8 reps on all other movements.


Check the sticky at the top of the forum.

Do you want to go up a weight-class or two?


Huh... What exactly is the cause? Weak abs or are you bouncing at the bottom or messing up your technique in some other way?

If you want to give your joints a break, lower-frequency and somewhat lower volume would likely be best... Easy enough to set up, but even 2/week/bodypart frequency should work with low volume.

How many days per week do you want to train, what numbers are you putting up etc ?


On another note, you do not have to deadlift when doing 5/3/1. Just pick a row or only do 3 5/3/1 movements.
5/3/1 works well with any kind of 4-6-way split... I'd not use the bodybuilding-assistance-template from the book though, that looks like Wendler either meant it as a joke or took it out of Muscle And Fiction because he didn't know what bb training looks like.

I'm assuming you still care about going somewhere, strength-wise, of course and you're not chemically assisted.


EDT or Dan John's 40 day workout


CC: I am chemically assisted at some points anyway, I never considered 5/3/1 with no deads... maybe use them as a supplemental exercise on back/Row day? I'm flexible on what days I can train, though I like to have weekends off.

Back issues: I could have weak abs, but I think my biggest issue is tight hip flexors, and they're a bitch to stretch. I pull conventional.

I think in the long run, I'd like to put on 20 lbs for PL so I can comfortably sit near the top of the next weight class, but for now, I'd like to improve body composition and stay around the same weight, as well as concentrate on rehabing my joints, mobility, general health etc. This is really just a 6 month block in my mind, and then moving into a PL competition phase.


Good stretch here: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/question_of_strength_13

Honestly I use the stretch more before benching, but have used it occasionally after LB days as well. I pull conventional as well. Sumo seemed like it would be more appropriate for my body type (short, shorter torso, longer arms, etc.), but damned if it doesn't trail behind by a VERY considerable amount weight-wise.