Break From Creatine?

I am a big of Creatine and was wondering if you guys take a break from it occasionally? Currently just use 5 grams a day with Surge pwo. I don’t do the loading phase in the begining. I take for 2 months daily and then usually take 1 month off. I have read Barr’s article on 3grams daily suggestion. I think the 1 month off is probably overkill? If and for how long do you stop supplementing creatine for?

Stick wth 3 g/day ad infinitum.

I read a study where the conclusion was that creatine remained at elevated levels in the muscle after not having taken any for 6 weeks.

Buy a BIG tub take a TSP a day whenever its easy. Once those 100+ serves run out either take a break for a bit or buy more No biggie.

If You still eat beef so wyou wont be without creatine in totality at any time.