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break during cycle

I plan on starting my dbol/EQ/test cycle within a few weeks (once it comes in). During this 8 week cycle I will be making a 6 day trip home over the holidays. Would it be worth waiting until after this break to start, or would a 6 day break not affect anything. I plan on taking injections twice a week and dbol ED, so this break will affect that. I know i could sneak them in at home, but I’m flying in and i dont want to take the viles through security.

Depends on which test you are using. If you have sust… one week doesnt reall mean shit. Just do all of your injects for that week right before you go away. Def take the d-bol with you as well… EQ, do the same thing as the test, you will be fine. Good luck.

I’d wait if you’re not going to lift that week.

If you are going to lift, I still wouldn’t bring any injectables on the plane - just take your shots prior, and if you’re using a long acting Test you’ll be fine. EQ will definitely be okay to go a week without.

I always carry lots of unmarked pills and have never had a problem, but don’t try it if you can’t take a grilling.

i would wait as well. i like to be 110% dedicated to training when i am on. another thing. if you are going to start before your trip anyways, you could just mail ahead the goods. thats what i do. of course the family would have to know your using for that to be an option.