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Break Between Cycles

i am in the middle of my 6 week VAR/TBOL cycle.

i’m wondering how much time is a “safe” breack between cycles.

My next will be based on testo and it will be a 10-12 weeks long.

I plan to do it on march/april. I’m wondering if may be usefull to add an other short “bridge” before that time…

my plan is to get bigger :wink:

Personally, I think 3 months is good, depends on whether your doing this for fun or work. How were the results of the last 6 weeks

By now im not in the shape to compete.
I was really fat until 2003, in jan i will be 30 and now i float around 15-18%.

My primary goal in the last 3 years was strenght training (by now i have a raw PR of 140kg-1RM- on bench press, 230kg-1RM- squat, 170kg-1RM- DL sumo and 90kg -3RM- military press at 92kg bodyweight)

i do my first cycle of test the last summer (10 weeks) in the autumn i start a cutting nutrition plan. i lose 12kg so far :slight_smile: retain quite all my lean mass gain and all my strenght.

in the last 3weeks of VAR/TBOL (always on hypocaloric) i gain about 4kg…

by now my target is to drop as much fat as possible (i would like to go under 10%) than see if it is possible to compete as bber.

However here in Italy BodyBuilding is a small sport… there are really few competitions… so i really don’t know…

again i’m a gym ownere (as 2nd job…) and i really like to workout hard and look “big” in an exagerated fashion :wink: