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Break Between Cycles?

How long does it take to go back on a cycle after the first one is done?
Just curious, how long have some of you been on steroids without a break(1,2,3 years?)?

Anyone who has been on a cycle for 1 to three years is a flaming idiot and should not be listened to at all cost. Your time off really depends on the chemicals and duration used. Generally speaking you want to take as much time off as on. I prefer even a bit longer. many bro’s use double the time off as on. i.e. an 8 week cycle would require 8-16 weeks off. Take into account half lives as well. i.e. sustanon won’t truly be at a reduced level to allow recovery until about week 12 after an 8 weeker. so recovery doesn’t begin until lets say week 12. that is the point you begin counting your off time.

It takes at least 3 months off for your body to return to normal after a 6-8 week cycle. Levels of Shbg must fall, and estrogen levels must also be reduced.

I’m always on something. Granted it’s not always steroidal (acutally it seldom is), but there are variety of non-steroidal ergogens and practices that work almost as well as a light cycle or a so-called “bridge”.

Ipriflavone, Methoxy-Isoflavone, Beta-2 antagonists (Clen, Ephedrine, Albuterol), Metformin, Creatine, ATP and “advanced proteins” have alot to offer ant thye don’t mess with yoru endocrine system at all. Granted these methods may not stand well for a bodybuilder past his genentic limits, but they work fine for strength atheletes, etc.