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Break a Squat Plateau?


I have problems exploding out of the hole.Bottom position squats help?


They sure can.


Are you having this problem on all your sets or just on max sets? If it's all your sets then you would probably benefit from long pause squats and low box squats. If this is happening only on max sets then it's not really a plateau, you just need to get stronger overall.


If you are calling "bottom position squats" pause squats done while in the hole, then yes they would be a great help.


Go to YouTube and search Squat Rx.


Do you speed squat. I used to do all my reps kind of slow. As soon as I started doing some dynamic squatting and making the effort to move the bar as fast as I can on all my sets, my squat exploded.

Just curious...how do you know you have a problem exploding out of the whole.


Coz I am stuck at the bottom and really need to bust my balls to get up?


Low Box Squats 8-10in. This will definitely build your low end strength.


Good advice so far. You could also try:

1) "Bottoms up squats", this is a squat where you set the bar in the bottom position (a power rack will work well), load it up and then perform squats from a dead stop from the bottom position up.

Basically it's the same thing as the pause squats mentioned above. But with the added benefit of being able to use more weight, and moving the bar from a dead stop.

I recall hearing Dan John say that these really helped him develop his front squat, don't see any reason why they couldn't be applied to back squats.

2) Isometrics. Place the pins in a power rack at your sticking point and then try to push the bar up through the pins as hard as you can. You can either do sets of 1 rep for approx. 10 seconds, or you can do sets of several reps for 2-3 seconds.

Good training,