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Bread Vs. Oats?



I?ve recnetly read the articles about nutrition and they really changed my mind but there?s one problem.
Most articles say, that oats are the perfect source for carbs for breakfast.
I usually eat bread(white or dark)with cheese, tomatoes and stuff like that.
I?ve never eaten oats and i?am sure i won?t get it at the supermarket or elsewhere. It?s absolutely not common in my home country(austria).
Can i substitute oats with bread(with vegetabels and fruits) or are there other things i can eat for breakfast which are a good source for carbs?



I'm sure you have oatmeal in Austria too. It's called "Haferflocken".


Are there any types of hot cereal in your country? If so they most likely contain oats. I don't think bread has the soluble fiber contained in oatmeal.


You can't get oats? Seriously - Have you even looked?

WHOLEGRAIN breads and fruits/veg are a decent source of carbs, but definitely NOT white bread.


WTF? Not common in Austria. Are you fuckin kidding me. You can get them nearly EVERYWHERE.

Substiture oats with bread? Bad choice. Even if bread is labelled "whole grain" (resp. Vollkorn) it hasnt' much in common with whole carbs at all. Stick to your oats. Cooked. Raw. With milk, cottage cheese, fruit. Tastes great.


Thanks for the answers.

Seemed to be a translation problem (never trust friends :wink:)
I?ll try to find oats and hope they taste as good as said :slightly_smiling: