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Bread & peanutbutter

hey guys, if i am cutting, and mean really cutting carbs are at 43g/day will one slice of whole weat bread with one table spoon of peanut butter hinder my fat loss at all. The 43g carbs/day is including this bread and PB. The only other carb i really take in is yogurt. The 43 carbs is a result of whey protein, chicken, etc.

How many calories does that add? Does it put you over or up to maintenance levels? It’s not just about carbs you know.

Well if you need to cut out the bread, try eating the peanut butter with celery.

Personally I don’t eat peanut butter with bread any more, it’s too hard to digest.

the bread and peanut butter is included in the 43 carbs/day for a total of 1799 cals per day. I’m 190lbs 15% bf and 5’10". I tired the celery & peanutbuter in the past, and other suggestions would ber great.

I know PB sandwichs taste real good and at least one of the writers for T-mag says it is OK to eat but I believe that is all wishful thinking. In terms the health value of all foods PB would be at or really close to the bottem of the list. It is loaded with fat, has sugar added, has very little protien. Yet, probably worst of all, it has aphlotoxins (sp?), a cancer causing toxic produced when peanuts are stored in silos and grow fungus.

I like PB sandwichs but you have to face reality. PB and bread are not BB foods by any stretch. If my girlfreind buys them and they are in the house I will eat them. The best thing, IMO, is to not even buy them.

You can also use apples and peanut butter but the apples have carbs in them also.

Or why not just eat the peanut butter by itself?

That’s not necessarily true about the sugar.

I just looked at my natural peanut butter ingredients list and it says:

Peanuts, salt.

I’d say it’s a great food for weightlifters and one of the best things out there you can bulk up with. I’d say just get rid of that bread and eat it with celery or apples as they will move it along your digestion system. (Someone told me about the apples and PB and not only is it tasty as hell but it also moves the PB through the digestion system MUCH better than the celery).

Specster- Peanuts are checked for that bad stuff these days. And there is a such thing as natural peanut butter which does not have sugar and all the bad crap in it, which is what T-mag has always recommended.

man i’m pretty dumb, why don’t i just eat peanuts, what a concept! So if i sub the peanuts in and remove the bread i will only be getting 26g carbs /day seems like asking for a problem. With only one slice of bread and 1 table spoon of peanut butter /day can i really hinder my fat loss. (PS info located in first post)

Dude, how do ever expect to lose weight with over 40 carbs a day? If you wanted to be serious about your lifting, you wouldn’t eat that crap. j/k, this is rediculous. What is that, 200 cals? It really doesn’t matter at all, it won’t halt your progress in the slightest.
And specster…you’re thinking about processed peanut butter (Jif, Skippy, loaded with trans-fats, bad bad stuff). Natural peanut butter is, dare I say, good for you. Mostly monounsaturated fats, a bit of protein, and a little bit of fiber… sounds like an ideal food to me.

KING are you saying i need less than 40g carbs per day?? ths is the first i have heard of this, everyone has suggested to me that only 40 carbs /day might not be enough even on a cutting diet!

Read the post again, I was jokeing around with you. The slice of bread with peanut butter isn’t going to hurt anything, don’t even worry about it.

That is not necessarily true. There is a law called the Delaney Act which basically states that food must be free of carcinogen. The law was challenged with a lot of help from the peanut industry and, as best I can remember ( I read the case over 5 years ago), the courts ruled that the absolutely no carcinogens was unachievable. Ask anyone who is knowledgable on this - PB alone - never mind sugar- almost always has aflatoxins which are really bad. Secondly, the protien you get from PB is a very low quality and the fat to protein ratio sucks. If you are a skinny teen you can use it to gain some weight but anyone else is just going to put on fat if they eat it regularly.

Try to have a little objectivity guys. Call a spade a spade.

Specster I suggest you learn a thing or two about fats. The outdated 80’s paradigm that ‘eating fat makes you fat’ has confused many a person. Personally I like to shoot for 120 grams per day. (However I do agree with your analysis that the protein in peanut butter is poor quality. as for the aflatoxin issue, I’m afraid only hard data will settle that dispute)

sorry about that dude, any way i dropped the PB sandwitch and added a nice egg, green pepper, onion, and corn omolete in inits place.

thanks for the input

I would venture to say that there are also levels of carcinogens in cooked meat, so yes it is impossible to make carcinogen free food (black pepper has carcinogens in it). HOWEVER, I don’t see why peanut butter carcinogens are any worse than any other protein source.

If you want to drop the bread and peanut butter from your sandwiches, then why not substitute some really nutritious nuts for the peanuts. i.e. Walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, etc. These are much more worthwhile additions to your diet. Besides unroasted peanuts taste like shit, and if they’re roasted, you’re losing goodness.