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Bread and Bulking

I have searched through the site and haven’t been able to find clear advice about eating bread while bulking or how good it is in regards to muscle building. So please, help me out. Thanks.

I am fairly certain you have not researched enough.

If you had, you would see that carbs are a valuable tool during bulking, and bread is an efficient source of carbs

I would suggest baker’s flax bread and such. a lot of carbs, a lot of fiber. throw in some whole wheat tortillas too.

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and search better next time. that question was silly

however, please look into many sources for carbs. beans, yams, whole oats, brown rice: these are all great sources of carbohydrates and fiber, keeping you filled with calories and keeping your bowels olympic.

try to eat whole-grain, whole wheat bread with at least 3g of fiber/slice. other stuff isnt worth ya time IMO

and research carbohydrates and their relationship to gaining weight/muscle. transfer what you learn to your perception of bread

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