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Brazilian Visiting. Tips on Supplements


Hello there,
I'm a 17 year old male and I'm on the Anabolic Diet.

I'm visiting the US for a week and I wanted to buy some supplements, since they are so expensive in Brasil.
Since I rarely get the chance to buy supplements, I was thinking of buy 100 or 200 days worth of it.

Brazilian currency is weaker than US dollar, so I don't have much money. I guess I can spend about 100~150 US$

I was thinking of buying 2 lbs of plain creatine (illegal here). Some melathonine (pretty cheap there, also illegal here) and a good anti-oxidant/multivitamin.

The thing is, I can't afford 20$ for 30 days worth of vitamins. I want to buy some to last at least 3 or 4 months. What do you guys recommend?

Since I'm in the Anabolic Diet, I don't plan on buying any protein powders, carbs, weight gainers and because of my age, pro-hormonals are out.

The supplement market in Brasil is pretty small, low quality and expensive, so I'm pretty lost in what to get while visiting the US.

Thanks alot for your help.


Creatine is probably the biggest bang for the buck. Make sure you get plain creatine, no strings attached. Micronized powder is best.

I wouldn't worry too much about multivitamins - I thought Brasil has all kinds of fruits, vegetables and stuff like that? Just eat plenty of good fresh food, and vitamins are taken care of automatically.

Get a box of Spike, it's cheap and it's wicked. Use it sparingly, only when you need it (too tired, out of focus, yet you need to deliver).


Thanks for your help.

It's true, I usually eats loads of fruits and vegetables, but because I'm on the anabolic diet, I'm kinda controlling vegetables and eating the fruits only in the carb-up days.

Which is the hardest part for me in this diet, cause I don't mind sweets, but I love fruits. I could eat 10 or 15 different fruits in one day! lol
My other concern are my low consumption of some minerals, because I am not eating any grains.

I looked at this Spike product and it's very interesting. Can you find it in supplement stores like Vitamine Shopp or GNC, or it's exclusive to internet ordering?

Thanks again for your help.


I got 2 months worth of vitamins for 10-12$ at gnc.


What is the name of the brand?


And they are probably worth even less.


I was doing a bit of research in the Vitamin Shoppe website and the Men Multivitamins were about 25$ the 90 serving bottle.
Is the price much different when buying over the net and at the store?

And what about L-Carnitine? Mauro Di Pasquale wrote it's usually very effective in the Anabolic Diet, though not in regular diets. Do guys thinks it's worth it?


The Shooters can be found at Gold's Gym and at 7-Eleven (not all of them, but some). The pills - I'm pretty sure GNC has them.

They're pretty different, the Shooter and the pills. The Shooters are much more "physical", the pills are a bit more focused on the brain.
The Caffeine-Free pills are even more, I'd say exclusively, a stimulant for the brain.

It's OK to combine the Shooter with the Caffeine-Free Spike. It's not OK to make any other combination of Spike products.


If you're really that worried about vitamins, just get some cheap ones from Costco. IMO they don't help much directly, but are more of an "insurance" in case there's some imbalance in your diet.

I bought a big cheap bottle from Costco and I'm taking one vitamin every day, just in case, but I'm not too worried if I forget them once in a while.