Brazilian JiuJitsu in NYC!

Fellow grapplers! I am currently finishing my little stint in Rio de Janeiro, the fight captial of the world. Unfortunately, I have to get back stateside and get a job, otherwise I’d continue training weights and BJJ here forever. What I want to know is, do any practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu place in Manhattan (NYC) that is of high quality, where stuff is taught besides just getting on the mat and rolling around for 2 hours? What are some places of high quality instrution and attention to detail? I am into the details of movements as they make the difference between successful execution and getting my elbow hyperextended because of a mistake. Any help would be appreciated! Thanx.

Hey dude, I take BJJ lessons in North Jersey … about 20 minutes from the GWB at Performance Jiu Jitsu in Emerson, NJ. It’s part of the Royler Gracie Academy. I can’t link you to the web site here on the forum, but I think I can put a phone number. I’ll try that in a separate post so that this one goes through.

Performance Jiu Jitsu: 201.225.0000

Try going onto the forum/underground at the mixedmartialarts site and put a post there regarding this; I expect you will get a good response. Am I right in thinking that Renzo Gracie is based out that way in NY?

I believe there is a Gracie Academy in NYC. Look on the internet yellow pages