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Brawn & Beyond Brawn ?

Have any of you guys read or heard of BRAWN ? A few years after I started lifting and training I came across a copy of Stuart McRoberts’ book and I was hooked.

I was wondering if any of you other T-Mag posters have read his work(s) and would like an opinion on them.

I have both books on my bookshelf. It has been quite a while since I have read them so the details are a bit fuzzy but it is definitely a good and essential read for all strength athletes/enthusiasts, especially a novice. Very practical in the overall scheme, focuses on the basic lifts and organizing training in a well thought out and planned for fashion to avoid injury so training can continue year after year and what really matters when all is said and done: progressive overload . Only complaint is that McRobert could have said what he needed to in a lot fewer pages than 490 something pages (Beyond Brawn).

I used to enjoy the articles that Stuart wrote for Muscle Media 2000 back in the day. Very good stuff…

PtrDr- You sure you don’t mean Ironman? I started reading MM2K in late 95 and never saw one of his articles?

Beyond Brawn is very good, and the Guide to Exercise Technique is superb, by far the best book ever written on the subject.

One problem though0 the guy is obsessed with injury and injury prevention and it ends up dampening my passion a bit. Every other page is don’t get hurt, don’t do this, I would never advocate that.

At some point, its going to start affecting the reader pschologically and either dampen his enthusiasm or even subconsciously set him up for an injury.
Hell, look at all the injuries McRobert’s had…