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Bravo on Rogan: The Royler Rematch

This is my #1 motivational jiu-jitsu interview. I even find myself watching it on Sunday evenings sometimes when I need a little jump start ahead of a challenging week.

I’m not a 10th Planet guy (I’m Gracie Barra “womb-to-tomb” as the kids say). But Bravo was an early influence, and one of the first American jiu-jitsu guys to really put his name in the book with that victory over Royler Grace at ADCC. So I thought I’d share this conversation he has with a best friend (Rogan) who’s been there for the whole ride. A lot of good fundamental insights about preparing for competition, as well.

really intresting podcast.
bravo sometimes says bizarre theories about conspiracies, but is definitely a great jj expert, and i like rogan’s podcast about combat sports.

if you don’t mind, i have a question for you.
i see that you train at gracie barra.
in the city where i live now there is a gracie barra academy. i’m in europe, but i think that the teaching method is the same in every academy.
they train just practice the skills and roll or they also work out?

thank you!

Every academy is at least a little different. But most GB academies to follow the same basic approach: warmup / 2-5 techniques demonstrated and practiced / Specific or Live Training (sparring) / open mat (for those who want to continue training).

I would encourage you to visit the academy and watch a few classes to get a good sense of how they run things.

Good luck!

it has been a month that i joined the academy.
they follow the approach you said.
so far, so good. the training is really fun, the techer is competent and friendly and the other students also.
thank you!

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Very glad to hear things are working out for you! Keep having fun!