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Braverman Matching 2A


No, taking neural inhibitors (theanine, glycine for example) you actually PROTECT GABA and serotonin because you need to use less to get the job done.


You can decrease sex drive but not testosterone directly. It comes from the chronic sympathetic state.

BTW being in a sympathetic state can also cause erectile dysfunction, especially in 2Bs and 2As. Adrenal recept overstimulation decreases blood flow to the penis and makes it a lot harder to reach a full erection. That can often be interpreted as low T but it is simply a sympathetic over stimulation


I am 2A (a really like having some strength part of the training as activation, then pump, I crave both), but based on Braverman I have low GABA. Sometimes I am able to overtrain my CNS by training deadlifts too heavy too often (because at first the progres is so quick!).

Can 2A have low GABA? Is Braverman wrong even on this, or I just want to be 2A, or what is happening with me?


You can be a 2A with high/moderate serotonin instead of GABA. A 2A is a type 2 who has enough GABA/serotonin to prevent anxiety. But from now, please, no more questions about the Braverman


Yes sir!

Its very crazy that levels of serotonin/GABA can influence strength craving


Interesting-I have all the signs of high serotonin except I also get very cold hands and feet in the winter. I had always attributed it to super low blood pressure. I once got rejected from giving blood because my blood pressure was under the required limit-and that was only an hour after I lifted!




I just said that I do not want to discuss the Braverman test. I explained why it is flawed and does not work with the neurotyping system.


That can simply be bad peripheral blood flow, not everything is related to neurotransmitters


May also be low Magnesium (cold hands). Not sure if Magnesium helps out with neurotransmitters or has different effects.

Also, I tend to get my lowest blood pressure reading 30-60 minutes after training. I feel far more relaxed after training than before training, but I think that has to do with being 2A (versus 2B).


Low magnesium makes a lot more sense, actually. I started taking ZMA a couple months ago and haven’t noticed it nearly as much. As far as the blood pressure after training, I’ve never really considered the workout’s immediate effects on BP but I’m guessing it has to do with the parasympathetic nervous system response kicking in after exercise


Coach what causes this overstimulation? Is it more so frying the nervous system with training to failure / heavy weights rather than say volume?

I say this becuase i train low volume high intensity and i often get this every 4th week, big drop in libido. Ive often wondered if im better suited to multiple sets a few shy of failure rather than one all out set ?


I know that that is a key characteristic that varies by neurotype. Some types have to keep total volume down and need to go straight to the heavy stuff, some need to avoid too much heavy stuff (2Bs) and I think type 3s need to avoid too much heavy as well as too much frequency.


My guess is you are a 2B. CT has stated that a 2B can go heavy for 2–3 weeks. That may explain why you crash after 4 weeks. I believe it was the central nervous system that was being overly taxed.
For whatever that’s worth. :man_shrugging:t2: