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Braunbeck's Recent Run

Chest, Bi’s, Tris & Calves / Legs and Abs / Shoulders, Back, Traps & Calves

3 on 1 off split (kinda Phil Hernon style based on my findings)


HS Incline: 90x10, 90x6, 180x6, 270x9
HS Decline: 320x14
Machine Fly’s: 150x20

PJR: 60x10, 120x13 (I may not use these though)
CG bench: 245x16
Pushdowns: 70x20

HS Preacher: 45x10, 90x9
DB hammer curl: 50x15
Spider: 40x15

Calf Press: 200x10, 300x15


Leg Press (single leg): sledx10, 90x10, 270x10
Leg Ext: 200x17
Squat: 275x19

Lying Leg Curl: 160x10
SLDL: 225x11

Incline Situps: BWx15
Ball Crunch: BWx15
Leg Raises: BWx15

Rear Delt Fly (mach): 100x10, 150x8, 200X10
Side Laterials: 10X5, 20x15
HS Press: 180x20

Rack Chins: BWx8, 100x5
Seated Row: 200x15
BB Rows (elbows out): 185x16

T-bar shrugs: 180x10
DB Shrugs: 120x15
One Arm Shrugs (smith mach): 115x20

Standing Calves: 315x15

Thurs: Rest (walk)
4/8/10 OFF

4/9/10 Friday
HS Decline: 90x10, 180x8, 380x8
Mach Fly: 170x16
HS Incline: 180x20

CG Bench: 185x6, 295x6
Pushdown: 90x15
PJRâ??s: 100x20

DB Hammer Curl: 80x10
Spider Curl: 75x10
HS Preacher: 70x20

Calf Press: 200x10, 300x20

4/10/10 Saturday
Leg Ext: 100x10, 175x6, 250x11
Squat: 135x8, 315x16
Leg Press (single leg): 180x22

SLDL: 135x8, 315x15
Lying Leg Curl: 120x16

Ball Crunch: BWx15
Leg Raises: BWx15
Incline Situps: BWx6

4/10/10 Saturday
Leg Ext: 100x10, 175x6, 250x11
Squat: 135x8, 315x6
Leg Press (single leg): 180x22

SLDL: 135x8, 315x15
Lying Leg Curl: 120x16

Ball Crunches: BWx15
Leg Raises: BWx15
Incline Situps: BWx6

4/11/10 Sunday
Side Laterals: 10x10, 20x6, 30x9
HS Press: 140x6, 230x15
Rear Fly (mach): 130x25

Seated Row: 120x6, 250x8
BB Row (elbow out): 225x18
Rack Chins: BWx12 + 3 partials

DB Shrugs: 125x12
T-bar Shrugs: 135x20
One Arm (DB): 65x20

Standing Calves: 315x15

4/12/10 Monday OFF

Flyâ??s (mach): 100x10, 160x6 220x8 — 125x10—125x10 top end partials
HS Incline: 240x16
HS Decline: 270x20

Pushdowns: 60x6, 120x7
PJR: 115x16
CG Bench: 225x20

Spider Curls: 40x8, 90x6
HS Preacher: 80x12
DB Hammer Curls: 45x23

Calf Press: 300x20

       ***** DC Stretch******

4/14/10 Off/Skipped

Squat: 135x10, 315x6, 405x11 (easy, very slow, left groin acting funny)
Leg Press: 250x15
Leg Ext: 175x19

Lying Leg Curl: 170x15
SLDL 325x15

Leg Raises: BWx15
no more abs, no stretching, was really feeling like puking
HS Military: 90x10, 180x6, 270x8
Rear Flyâ??s (mach): 160x19
Side Laterals: 17.5x26

BB Row (elbow out): 135x10, 275x10
Rach Chins: +20x15
Seated Row (CG): 185x21

One Arm Shrug: 100x10
T-bar Shrug: 145x20
DB Shrug: 110x21

Donkey Press: 300x10 ---- DC Style

Leg Press (single leg): 90x10, 200x6, 400x8
Leg Ext: 205x20
Squat: 285x25

Lying Leg Curl: 175x11
SLDL: 225x15
GMâ??s: 185x20

Incline Situps: BWx15
Ball Crunches: BWx15
Leg Raises: BWx15

Calf Press: 400x20


Rear Fly (mach): 210x10
Side Laterals: 25x18
HS Military: 200x22

Rack Chins: BWx5, 80x9
Seated Row: 205x20
BB Row: 190x20

Incline Shrugs: 275x8
DB Shrug: 125x22
One Arm Shrug: 135x22

Seat Calf Raise (single): 45x20

4/22/10 OFF


HS Decline: 90x10, 180x6, 270x4, 390x9
Flyâ??s: 175x20
HS Incline: 200x20

Closegrip Bench: 225x5, 295x8
Pushdown: 95x18
PJR: 105x20

DB Hammer Curl: 55x14
Spider Curl: 75x12
HS Preacher: 75x12


Leg Ext: 125x10, 200x6, 270x10
Squat: 185x6, 325x22
Leg Press (single): 200x16 (single leg calf press SS: 200x20)

SLDL: 185x5, 325x12
Lying Leg Curl: 120x25

Ball Crunches: +25x15
Leg Raises: BWx15
Incline Situps: BWx5

Donkey Press: 300x20 (top 1/2 partialsx10 SS)


Standing Side Laterals: 15x10, 30x5, 50x8
HS Military: 140x6, 240x9
Rear Fly (mach): 135x25 (+5 top partials)

Seated Row: 150x6, 255x10
BB Row: 235x20
Rack Chins: BWx15

DB Shrug: 80x5, 135x12
One Arm Shrug: 135x20
Incline Shrug: 185x20

4/26/10 OFF

HS Incline: 90x10x2, 180x6, 290x12
HS Decline: 350x14
Flyâ??s (mach): 160x21

Pushdown: 50x10, 100x10
PJR: 120x17
CG Bench: 230x21

Spider: 75x13
HS Preacher: 90x13
DB Hammer: 50x19

4/28/10 OFF


Squat: 185x10, 315x5, 405x1, 455x6
Leg Press (single): 270x18
Leg Ext: 175x25

Leg Curl: 115x6, 180x13
SLDL: 225x5, 335x15

No abs this go around, felt sick as a dog, and had a bad headache going into the session.


DB Military: 40x15, 70x6, 100x6 (done doing shoulder press movements, to much pain)
Rear Fly (mach): 170x25
Side Laterals: 25x30

BB Rows: 295x12
Rach Chins: +35x14
Seated Row: 190x21

One Arm Shrug: 185x10
Incline Shrugs: 100x18
DB Shrug: 115x25

Donkey Press: 340x20