Brasi's Training Log

Hello everyone,

I am a 25yo male, 6’1" and was 257lbs when I started this. Former college athlete so my size isn’t terrible but after having my son 2 years ago I was very unmotivated to hit the gym and I put on 30+lbs. Now that I am back I wanted to share my training log and journey back down to 215lbs. A little background of the supplements I am taking:

50mg Test P ED
50mg anavar ED
50mg provimed ED
0.25mg anastrozole EOD
5000iu HCG every 4th week

My training includes 20-30 mins cardio prior to workout and pyramid sets on everything except auxiliary lifts so 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2 … (1 = 15 reps, 2 = 10-12 reps, 3 = 7-10 reps, 4 = 4-6 reps). Auxiliary lifts are typically 4x15. I train Monday-Friday and do 5-6 core lifts and typically 3 auxiliary lifts. My splits are Monday = Chest/Triceps, Tuesday = Back/Biceps, Wednesday = Shoulders/Legs. Wednesday is a big day so I usually do 4 shoulder workouts and 4 leg workouts with 2 auxiliary lifts for each. Thursday and Friday are alternated between the 3 days depending on what I ended on the week prior.

My diet is fairly basic, I consume between 1800-2000 calories per day and 200g-220g protein per day. I do not know how to count macros and I don’t want to get that involved right now because what I am currently doing is working fine. Eventually I would like to have a pretty good physique so I will worry about it at that point in time but right now I want my athletic body back.

I started last monday at 257lbs and weighed in today at 248.6lbs, if any of you have suggestions on how I could possibly improve the weight loss I am very open to hearing! I’ll post on here once a week to keep accountable/track of progress!

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