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Bras and Panties for Men





ODD ODD ODD. Because of a personal experience with an ex boyfriend this creeps me out :frowning:


care to share your story Jen?

and yeah just weird, women need them for support, guys who get them are just... erm... well it'a not normal anyway!


How about I found out that he enjoyed wearing women's clothing? That is just a bit of it.

If the guy cross dresses well then I guess the bra helps him. If the guy just wears a bra under his shirt just for kicks... Well then, I find that odd and it gives me shivers and activates the gag reflex.


I just can't imagine someone wanting to wear something that can pop a wire.

This is another one of those "jaw drops, can't think of anything to say" moments.


do cross dressers not do it just for kicks?

and yes it is weird


Yeah I suppose???? I don't know....the whole idea of cross dressing confuses me. I have no words for it.


haha same here, that's why I was asking, I thought it was just for kicks, I'm a bit weirded out by it though


Why is cross dressing so popular that you can get rich selling men bras?

Doesn't that scare people?


I know it scares me!

I'm forever haunted.


You pick the weird ones it seems, you should take your hot ass out and go find a normal, good looking guy.


Maybe they stuff them to make it look like they have a chest?


I want to know why the op was reading about it in the first place ..lol


I know. They all seem normal in the beginning!


Well, there's your problem right there. I'm crazy and I am well aware of it. I do not hide how crazy I am.

Quit picking guys who seem "normal". Who the fuck is "normal" today?


Nope but being really big and muscular does. Go figure. For the record, the bra thing, that's just really creepy.


The following is the email confo that went down between my GF and I after I saw this. We work in the same building so we both see the same people every day.

Me: what.the.f*** http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081126/od_nm/us_men_bra;_ylt=Akomo7lnANZMIkrV_dFwfjvtiBIF

GF: Geez!

Me: Its that scary? The world is seriously doomed, I told you men are becoming more and more less like men and more like women...and not the strong women of today. They are becoming the beaten women of the old days, before they had the right to vote and shit.

I'm glad I do everything possible to separate myself from that shit.

GF: But Japanese are weirdo though.. lol

Me: Trust me, it will be in America...just look around baby! Can't you picture half the "men" here doing it? lol

GF: HAHA I know huh? lol


Depends what your definition of normal is I guess?
But you are right I will quit picking men who seem "normal".


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I recommend a big dude who lifts weights obsessively, eats 4 times what the average family of four does daily, spends too much time on this site, shaves his head and likes to use a scalpel on a regular basis.

I DARE you to find someone else like that.