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Brands of Juice

First things first I am new to the site not asking for a sourse!!! I have found a sourse I am going to try just want to find out about the maker, I have used global in the past great results cant find it any more. The sourse I found sells IP and QV never heard of it any help would be great. Thanks and this site is bad ass!!!

QV is mexican vet stuff. It may have a picture of an animal on it along with a shiny hologram. Its always been legit from my experience but haven’t used it for years. Never been around IP.

Seen plenty of QV fakes in the past. Id personally stay away from mexican vet gear. As for the other I havent heard of them.
See Ya

Thanks for the input I will search some other sites that have stuff I have heard of. Really dont want to use mexican vet stuff.