Brands of Bumper Plates, Opinions?

Hi all,

I am looking at getting my own olympic bumper plates and platform for my home gym and am looking at the following brands.

Both about $2800
Zhang kong -
ABC bumper plates -

BTW I live in australia.
I am looking at spending approximately 3300 for weights will make platform myself.

What is your opinion of these 2 brands and is there any others that you can think of in this price range?


does anyone have any opinion on the Zhang Kong or Taishan plates, which would you pick and why???


Zhang Kong plates are awesome we have had 2-3 sets in our olympic gym for 4 or more years and they are all in perfect working order and they get a pounding from 7.30am to 9.30pm every day.

Get the Zhang Kong, especially as you get a comp bar at the moment, plus a 1kg rule set.

Zhangkong for sure, they were the official Beijing 08 plates

thanks heaps for the help yeah will be getting the Zhang Kong plates and bar.


Thats about 1600 quid for a bar and plates you lucky aussie bastard I’d have a set for the house in a heart-beat

lol yeah I think that I am pretty lucky with the price. how do the Zhang Kong compair to brands like Eleiko and such???