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Brands - Do You Still Believe In Them?

With the exception of the ultra-specialized niche market products, like Apple computers, do you still have faith in brand names?

I am biased in the following way: an electronics teacher told me that globalization has forced companies to use cheaper components. For example, if a knob used to malfunction after 10 000 uses, companies now use a knob that will wear down after 5 000 uses. The companies now do routine quality control and, if the supplier gave them a knob that is lasts longer than 5 000 uses, the companie changes supplier because this component will be more expensive than budgeted.

Consequence: Lower quality. Earlier pre-programmed obsolence. Not necessarily lower prices.

On the one hand, this is good in the computer products because it reflects reality: technological advances make a computer obsolete real quick.

On the other hand, for stuff like sound systems and home theaters, I don`t think one now gets what he (used to) pay for.

I bought an AKAI sound system 2 years ago (almost day for day). Cheap stuff. 230$ for amp + 6 speakers. Consider it an upgrade from my computer stereo speakers. At that price, I expected it to go broke within 5 years. Some piece just popped a couple of days ago. Sounds like the power supply.

Problem: Considering getting the amp repaired is probably going to cost me as much as a new same quality amp, I don`t know if the extra buck spent on a quality amp is now worth it, given my bias.

What has been your experience with middle-of-the-market (or even high grade) brands? Same as before? Better? Worse? More for your buck?

to me brand names on electronic products doesnt mean a damn thing. Sony’s products started to decline in like during the nineties,just take their cell phones for gods sake. but recently it seems that they have been trying to turn it around. Same as philips, philips make overall good products but usually cost more.

my philosophy(sp?)is, if you can build it yourself then build it (this applies for computers usually) Dell has been on a steady decline, notice how their prices are droping like crazy. their still decent computers but after a couple years their ready to clock in.
just my rant

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