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Brands and Prices.


I was thinking about purchasing some lifting equipment. I know I should get a power rack, and olympic bar and some weights... Not sure what else i'd need, though. Any ideas?

I was wondering, though, are there any certain brands that ya'll prefer? Or are there any brands that ya'll would suggest staying away from?

Also, about how much do you think a power rack, the bar and weights would cost? And where the hell do I buy them?



1.There are many sites to buy equipment from,do a search on google or something
2.You might want a pull-up bar and dip station,or some dbs
3.Weights are weights,as long as u buy metal(not that plastic sand filled crap) and you think the bar is sturdy enough for what you use,get it.No point in spending $2,300 on name brand when $1500 can get it done just fine,unless you just wanna brag about having top-of-the-line crap


I know I can look up vendors on Google, but I was more or less asking for peoples opinions on vendors...

Good experiences and bad ones alike... Thanks. :slight_smile:


Try www.elitefts.com for really great equipment.



What do ya'll think about this package? Is this a decent price for all this equipment?


1 Combo Power Rack
1 Texas Power Bar
2 Boxes of Chalk
1 Dragging Sled
6 45lb Black Olympic Plates
2 35lb Black Olympic Plates
2 25lb Black Olympic Plates
4 10lb Black Olympic Plates
2 5lb Black Olympic Plates
2 2.5lb Black Olympic Plates

For $1,395.08 + $285.00 (shipping)?

I don't know if I really need the chalk, but the dragging sled is a nice touch and it's got enough weights to keep me busy for a while, I would think.

Good price or overpriced?