Brandon Lilly's Deadlift Program Questions

Hey guys, I really wanted to give this cycle a whirl but there were a few questions I had about some of the weekly workouts. I have the weeks that I have questions about listed below:

Week 1

Max Effort

Work Up to 85% x 2 reps w/Weight on 3-4â?³ mat. This will be done in non competition stance.

Sumo Grip no Belt 45% x 20 reps (Use straps)

-So what is meant by “non competition stance?” Are they asking me to stick with conventional for week 1?

Week 2

Block Pull Reps

75% x 3 x 5 sets
82.5% x 3

-Well aware of what a block pull is, but no block height is specified, any recommendations for what that height should be?

Week 4

Max Effort Dead

Max Single Up to 92.5% standing on a 1â?³ block

-I’m confused. It says ‘max effort dead’ followed by ‘max single up to 92.5%.’ So what are they asking for? Am I to make sure I avoid going higher than 92.5% of my deadlift max, except on top of a 1" block?

Week 6

Speed Deads Comp Stance

70% x 1 x 8 sets
80% x 1 x 2 sets

-Same question that I had for week 1

Week 7

Max Effort Single w/Weight on 2â?³ Blocks

Try to work up to at least 101% of previous PR

-Is this in reference to my actual previous PR or my PR from week 4 which was a “max effort” day?

-Those are pretty much all the questions I had. The more responses the merrier. Thanks for the input folks.

maybe you should ask Brandon Lilly.

You’d have to ask Brandon this question - he’s the one who knows the ins/outs of his program.