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Brandon Lilly's Deadlift Cycle Questions


Hey folks I just had a couple questions about a deadlift cycle created by Brandon Lilly. I didn't understand the instructions on several of the weeks so instead of listing the whole program I'll just paste the weeks I am unsure about followed by my questions:

Week 1

Max Effort

Work Up to 85% x 2 reps w/Weight on 3-4� mat. This will be done in non competition stance.

Sumo Grip no Belt 45% x 20 reps (Use straps)

-What is meant by non competition stance? Is it specifically asking for me to do conventional, sumo, etc.?

Week 2

Block Pull Reps

75% x 3 x 5 sets
82.5% x 3

-Well aware of what a block pull is, but no block height is specified. Any suggestions from experienced powerlifters as to what height I should try? Should I just work my sticking point, which is about 2in. off the ground?

Week 4

Max Effort Dead

Max Single Up to 92.5% standing on a 1� block

-I'm confused. Week 4 says it's a "max effort dead" day but then says to do a "max single up to 92.5% on a block." So I assume I'm supposed to go with the max single up to 92.5% on the block? And to clarify, I am not to exceed 92.5% of my actual deadlift max?

Week 6

Speed Deads Comp Stance

70% x 1 x 8 sets
80% x 1 x 2 sets

-Same question as Week 1

Week 7

Max Effort Single w/Weight on 2� Blocks

Try to work up to at least 101% of previous PR

-by "working up to at least 101% of previous PR," are they referring to my actual previous PR, or the "max single up to 92.5%" from Week 4?

Week 10

Meet Week

Mon and Tues

Full body workout, one set of 20 reps per body part.


-How soon can I try this cycle again after I run it to completion? I have been lifting for 6 years. The more responses the merrier. Sorry if these questions are dumb. Thanks guys

-Also has anyone ever tried this cycle? How did you fair?


Non competition stance is pretty self explanatory. If you pull Conventional in a meet then pull Sumo. Brandon is huge on training the lift you Are weaker at. Chances are of you PR at the style you suck at you will PR on the lift you are good at.

Block pulls usually are 2-4" I personally say 4".

I don't know.

Obviously 101% of your old max as 101% of your 92% is not a PR.

As soon as you want



Thank you for the answers.

Still seeking an explanation for Week 4. Also, does anyone know why I can't delete my own thread? I accidentally posted this initially in the 5/3/1 section of the forums. When I try to delete it, it simply says "access denied"


^ For week 4, it sounds like you shouldn't exceed 92.5%. Max effort doesn't mean you have to hit a true max, just that it's a high intensity session. With block pulls you can lift heavy without taxing recovery as hard as pulling from the floor. It's a good trade-off unless you really suck at pulling from the floor and need to train from the floor all the time (likely more useful when still figuring out technique).

I think only the site moderators can delete threads.