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Brandon Lilly 365 10 Week Test Program


He is offering 10 weeks of progression, conditioning and nutrition for $150. Any one here doing it? Seems to be a good price point for how long and what is inclueded, thoughts?


It depends. If he just gives you a 10 week plan on day 1 and says go for it, then 150 dollars is about 149 more than I would spend. If he's reading your logs and adjusting each week, taking into consideration your physical/financial/time limitations, etc, then there is value there.

In other words, I wouldn't spend 150 bucks on a template, but I would spend 150 on 10 weeks of coaching.


Yeah those are my thoughts exactly, if he is just going to prescribe the cube method its pointless. However if its coaching like you have stated, it would be worth the investment.


For awesome interactive programming I would seek out josh
bryant. Makes adjustments week to week based on hitting numbers, and how u feel hitting them.


I had Josh Bryant do my programming a bit for a while back. My bench took off on it.

Be prepared to work though as his programs are difficult, high volume and high intensity. Fun stuff though.


18 rest pause sets haha! That volume would kill me, but Josh stuff works great for a alot of people. One of the best coaches out there IMO


I am assuming he is doing video reviews for you each week? If so than that is probably worth it.