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Brandon Curry Guest Posing


Brandon Curry at Fibo 2009. At the very end, he does a victory pose. He could give sergio a run for his money.


He could definetly give Sergio a run for his money. Both of those guys have such insane muscle bellies, very aesthetically pleasing.


Still a lot of work to do on those legs for him to become one of the tops in the sport, might have to take more time off than he thought he would. I love the dude though, he looks awesome, can't wait til he starts competing again.


any pics? my internet is close to getting capped, fucking australian plans


Awesome. He'll be a top pro very soon. Great V pose.


You guys are dreaming about that victory pose he's no Oliva.


Maybe the video was just weird but he sure as hell looked tiny in that guest pose.


I was thinking the exact same, in this particular vid he doesnt look like a pro. Also his legs are shocking.....

Now, I am a big fan of him so dont get me wrong, I have seen pics where ive been blown away!


the video is a poor representation of him.












Are you guys serious? That vid is taken from the side as if someone had video taped a movie screening of the show. The vid is distorted. You can still tell he is fucking huge.


That's what I was thinking. He has such a tiny waist. Makes me envious.


not to mention his symmetry is impeccable. his abs look like a pack of hamburger rolls


As soon as he puts a little more muscle on his legs and he gets a bit tighter for every show he will be a force.(not that he isn't incredible already, just has some improvements to make yet)


Thank you