Brandon Crabill Arnold Log

Going to put up my log in the lead up to the XPC finals @ The Arnold. I’ll mostly be linking vids but I’ll try to include some specifics as well. Thanks for checking me out!

I’m going to link up last weeks geared training as well as some recent raw highlights leading up to my current contest cycle.


Raw squats from week before

Really beginning to ramp things up for them meet. Feb 28th is the day of the meet so things are continuing to get heavy. Here is some recent DL training as well as my most recent squat session which was just a light day.

Deads…this was epic as I had an awful initial day and made myself come back the very next day and do it all over again. Pretty damn good stuff…

Here’s squats…
Nothing crazy just working on opening up as I arch hard and sit back. This is to emulate the biggest problems I have with loading up the suit when its on.

Also included a recent post training pic…powerlifting doesn’t mean a puffy mess. A lot of us are actually pretty jacked.