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Branden Ray... It Won't Be Long


This guy came in second last year in the Light Heavy USA's and from the looks of things will no doubt eventually get his pro card.

This is the current In the Trenches:

This is definitely someone to watch.




He has some ridiculously big deltoids




isn't that Dexter Jackson :wink:


Watching the video made me jealous of his GYM. ha


I love these posts you make... cool to see guys I might not hear of otherwise.


The brotha's got some big calves! Hey hey hey! I'm cool.


Wow, he's big. Awesome conditioning too. Funny that his abdomen looks so much like Dexter's.


Fantastic deltoids.
Finally someone with big shoulders.
All his muscles have a very pleasing aesthetic shape.
Great great quads.

Makes you wonder who came in first.


One thing I miss after watching Ronnie Coleman, Yates, Cutler, and Levrone's workout vids is the use of massive poundages even just a few weeks out from the contest. It's really cool seeing the shape these other guys are in but man their vids are boring. Incline smith pressing 225 doesn't make me want to keep watching. I understand why he's doing it but I wish more guys were able to emulate the four I mentioned earlier..

That being said the guy is in phenomenal shape.


Curtis Bryant got a pro card in the 2008 USA's.


does anyone know how much he weighs and his height?


I hope him and Alvisi get their procards and with 3 available I would think they would be sure things.


I didn't put 2+2 together until now but he must have been the only competitor I've ever seen in person anywhere when working out in Golds in DC. Didn't think anything of it at the time since I wasn't aware he worked out in the DC area. Damn. Only saw him once though. I remember him doing BB rows in the rack next to me and while we were both resting I jokingly commented on if he is doing some light curls. Seemed like quite a nice and personable guy.


that was fucking cool, i really liked how you could see his muscles working, especially his deltoids.


Yeah, I think he works for CNN there.


There will only be on Ronnie Coleman bro. 800lb deadlift weeks before the Olympia...I've never seen Jay go over 315 on the incline or flat bench.


yeah, he gets a lot of attention in MD. Sidebar: a guy from my gym is at the NPC's in Vegas. He took eighth a year ago in the Super heavies or heavies, off season he was over 300lbs this year, he'll step on stage at 250lbs drier, fuller, and with more detail and separation than last year, don't be surprised if he's top five this year. He looked like a monster two weeks out.

Really good dude. Patrick Murray.