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Brand vs. Generic Test Cypionate?


Can anyone tell me from experiences (either yourself or others) if there is any noticeable difference between Depo brand test cyp and the generic version? I had been using the generic version for 5 months. But, when I went to get it refilled, the pharmacy only had the Depo brand, so I bought it, albeit twice the price.

Anyway, I noticed that Depo has a slight yellowish/gold color to it whereas the generic was clear. Also, Depo was more viscous - longer to load the needle.

After I injected my normal amount (25mg EOD), I felt very different! I had a rush and much higher metabolism after the Depo. They were both the same concentration. So, that lead me to believe that they are definitely different in some way.

So, I am curious to know what others have experienced between the two. Do some people react well to one and not the other? Still trying to figure out if the Depo is better or worse.....


Test cyp is usually cotton seed oil based and test eth is usually sesame seed oil based. Changes to viscosity are related to the oil used

Watsons or Paddock labs are considered generic sources of test cyp.

Your rush does not have an explanation. Did you inject into a vein?


I felt absolutely nothing on 3x my normal dose enanthate (125mg) compared to cypionate. Apparently everyone has different levels of esterase enzymes in their body to activate these hormones. I have never tried anything other than Depo-T cypionate and enanthate so I don't know if another form of cypionate would be stronger or not, but if you are feeling different chances are the compound is acting different in your body.

I am not a mystic that believes that all testosterones are created equal for everyone. The military has a form of testosterone that has a different ester and basically cuts off the blood flow because your muscles get so big on it. There IS a difference. As far as preparation - that can vary too.


This "cuts off the blood flow because your muscles get so big on it" is so logical!


this is almost getting comical if it wasn't so sad actually.


You know, I never thought about maybe I put it into a vein! I will better know in 2 days when I take my next shot. FWIW, both are T-cypionate. Neither are the ethanate.


When T injections get into the blood stream one can feel tightness in the chest or perhaps tickling and coughing from the T getting into the lungs. Can be alarming, but mostly harmless.


Always aspirate before injecting.


Some guys I have found to be allergic to regular testosterone cypionate and may need another oil to prevent the reaction.


I do not know how that would work with a #29 0.5" needle even if centered in a vein. With the small amounts involved with EOD injections, the possible harm is greatly diminished.


I try to aspirate with the 29g but all that really seems to happen is that I get a little air bubble. I can't tell if it's just the Benzyl Alcohol boiling or wether it is actually pulling something through the pin.
I think I can feel a twinge if I hit a vein or nerve though so if I feel it, I pull it out and re-stick. I rarely even get a drop of blood showing if I do it this way.


The air bubble is mostly vapor and vacuum; not an air leak.