Brand New, with a Few Questions

hey, i read an article on this site and thought i would try it out. It’s for women, and seems intelligently written and it makes sense. since i don’t know enough about this weightlifting stuff, i’ve been looking at videos on youtube to explain how to do some of the exercises he suggests, and basically just winging it. I’ll rely on other’s info for now and learn more as i go.

anyway, i am a cyclist and i’m training to ride a century that i may or may not be ready for in Oct. so i am riding 20+ miles a few times a week. will any work i do be pointless because of the cardio? I also use my bike as transportation.

I am doing this to try to even out my proportions. naturally i carry almost all my weight in my ass and upper thighs, but my thighs seem to be a lot more developed than any other muscle (from the cycling i guess). it makes me worry that doing additional work in that area would just throw off my proportions even more. however, my bf% is higher than i would like it, and I’m sure a lot of the weight would come off that area if i lost the fat, and since muscles mass increases metabolism and theres a lot of potential muscle mass in the legs and thighs and stuff (i would assume, compared to the arms or something) it seems stupid to ignore that area completely.

sorry a dumb nub girl posted, i am just very inexperienced.

I suggest reading some diet/mass programs on this site and read up on some of the training articles and go from there…
since your doing a lot of cardio no doubt you will have to eat a shit tonne of food to bulk and get anywhere!

Hi, Nektr! Post the link to that article, so we can understand better what is about…Anyway, I think upper body exercises will help simmetry. Adjust your diet according to your goals and needs.

here is the link Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

if anyone has suggestions on what i should read i would love that, too.