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Brand New to HRT

I’m 33, 215 lbs, 2x cancer survivor and I have a low test of 320 I have e talked to a few local clinics and they confirmed I should start HRT.

What kind of dosage should I be on? What duration? Which type of test a works well? I’ve been researching for awhile now but the information seems to be pretty much all over the place with many different answers.

I want to feel good again and lose the 30 pounds I’ve put on since being sick.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m just trying to get educated.

The best place to start will be the stickies at the top of this forum :slight_smile: Most of your questions are answered there. Read them twice.

Be cautious with the HRT “clinics”, most of them aren’t exactly in it with your best health in mind, they’re trying to make a buck. Most guys have the best results with a good primary doc, or a knowledgeable endo. Be careful with endos/uros too, many of them aren’t very good in regards to HRT.