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Brand New Old Guy


So here is the scoop, I am 42, 6'6" and 360#. I got out of the army 14 years ago and didn't look back. I weighed 240 when I got out and have continued to gain since. I now suffer from old guy problems like stiff joints and fat guy problems like not being able to bend in the middle far enough to actually put my socks on, I have to do it one handed from the side, kinda. I may post a video of it. I have resolved to fix these problems. I am going to the gym, watching my caloric intake, drinking plenty of water and will start next month with supplementation and a fixed program for adding muscle, and trying to regain some of my former flexibility.

I am wondering if there are any old guys out there just getting back to the game and if so, lets share our stories and our progress to try and keep each other motivated.


Check out the O-35 section and feel free to start a log there. I think you will find it a more productive and hospitable place than this section.

Edit: Looks like the mods moved your thread for you. Welcome!


Plenty of us older lifters here, some experienced and some just a few years in training. I started lifting three years ago for the first time in my life. Since you were in the army, you have a head start. Post your training and whatever. Read up on some of the other logs and chime in. Join the crowd and have some fun!


BD- Welcome! But 42 is young in my book! Now 6' 6" is big in my book!! Best of luck in your quest. I look forward to following your progress. As SD said have fun !!



Welcome to the board, I too am an old ex-Army fatass with achy joints and the flexibility of a board, so you are one of many here. You might as well just get started posting a log and some videos, it really is helpful to have a bunch of like minded people giving you advice and encouragement, so good luck.


So hitting it this morning at 9 am. Post workout weight down to 343. Did 1.75 miles on the treadmill at level 4 with .5 incline, did nautilus leg extensions 1x15x65 3x12x110, nautilus ham curls 1x20x65 3x15x90. Came home to some chix breast with a bagel and 2 slices of american cheese with some BBQ sauce at aboutb 650 calories. Like I said before, gonna give this a best shot deal, any input would be appreciated. Thanks to all those who've replied already. Brian, where were you stationed and what years...so on and so on...


I'm not old and big but I welcome you nonetheless.

Looking forward to following your progress.


5 years ago I was 280 and had your issues. It has taken some time a lot of hard work but here I am now 240 and jacked.. It can be done the key to the whole thing in my opinion is consistancy!!! Good Luckand 42 is a youngster I'm 60...



I've been out since 93, did my basic at Benning then was stationed at Schofield Barracks, incredibly tough duty I know (yes that is sarcasm) how about you.


Welcome big man !!


Here is my advice (a I still 6' and 290, so take it with a grain of salt)

a) replace everything that you eat that tastes good, with vegetables.
b) do 5/3/1 or we'll kill and eat you.


dave, you're not allowed to say "jacked" in this forum.



Welcome. Not just getting back in the game but will try to lend you a little support. You're one big fella.


Thanks again everyone. Need some help with 5/3/1? Brian, did basic at Fort Knox, AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Airborne at Benning and then back to FLW from 89 - 92. Re-up in 92 to Germany (Hanau), and Fort Hood where I got out in 96. Three combat tours, First Gulf war, Somolia, Bosnia.


Back from the gym. Treadmill 4mph for 1/2 hour at 1.5 incline, Hammer Strength Bench press 1x15x90 3x12x110, dumbell bench press 4x12x60, Incline Curls 4x10x20, Concentration Curls 4x10x15. Ate like shit, buttomorrows another day, still at a calorie deficit at the end of the day, but gotta find some willpower to eat better. Any thoughts?


Welcome to the seniors section. I'd like a video of the socks. I posted a video with me and a mouth guard so we aren't terribly shy.

Who's jack?


Me too. Vids are a big hit around these parts.

And I just posted one yesterday of a squat fail.

Wish I could give you dietary advice, but I am not qualified nor have anything profound to say .


welcome BD..

you'll find plenty motivation with this posse.

Im on the small end of the scale- coming back after a 5 month hiatus


OK, new day, new plan. Did pretty good on the eating. Workout was 3.1 miles on treadmill at 3.7 with 1% incline. Shoulders with Nautilus Machine 1x12x95 3x10x125. Barbell Lat Raises 1x10x30 1x10x40 2x10x50.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and thanks for all the help.



You can't give up yet