Brand New Fat Guy Here

Hey guys, first I’d like to say I’m excited to get a jump on this and looking forward to positive advice and helpful replies.

I’m totally new at this. I used to go to the gym years ago and never actually manufactured a routine. Because I never stayed long enough or committed. I’m actually more interested in weight loss and gaining muscle at the same time. I just have no clue what I’m doing.

I have a balanced diet and have lost over 30lbs. I was 383, now I’m 349. My only goal is to be under 300 at this time. I can just feel my muscles disappearing due to my diet. Wtf!

My main goal is chopping off these man titties and busting this huge gut. Please any advice is accepted. I can’t lift a lot but any lifting or exercising ideas are greatly appreciated. I’ll lift what weights I’m comfortable with a challenge once I know what I’m doing. Then I’ll post my numbers. Thanks again everyone! I’m excited to be a part of the community.

I think it’s very unlikely that at 5 million pounds you are losing any muscle when you diet.

At your size, pretty much anything’ll work. I’d give this a try

That should get you to where you want to go. Good luck!

Hey thanks, I’m gonna check that out. Long road ahead of me but it’s never too late.

read,learn,Consistency,hard work

second that on carb cure
works really well for me whenever i want to drop body fat
go to articles on this site read , especially the one by dani shugart about biggest loser
also post height,age
age sometimes is a big issue

No it’s never too late, but it’s too early for you to be concerned about ‘losing muscle’ with your flab. Focus on just the basics… Like your health for about a year.
And what community? The fitness community? Don’t be ridiculous, we argue over everything, and we take exercising way too seriously.

Thanks for the insight. It’s always good to see different opinions. I appreciate the reply.

Train safe, Train hard and eat less.

This is great for serious fatloss(and will hold muscle)…