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Brand hCG (i.e. Novarel) vs Compounded? Both from Female Urine?

I read that brand hCG is extracted from female urine, so I’m wondering if the compounded hcg is also made from female urine, or if it is synthetically made? I would assume non-female urine hCG is more sanitary? I don’t know. I have Novarel now, and if compounded is synthetic I may switch.

Also, if there is a difference, which is supposed to be more effective for fertility?

Pregnyl, Follutein, Profasi, Choragon and Novarel, it is extracted from the urine of pregnant women. In Ovidrel, it is produced with recombinant DNA technology.[15]

I looked into Ovidrel, it is produced with recombinant DNA technology, years ago and the cost differential was the end of that for me.

Either source may be equal in terms of fertility, but [guessing] human source might have some small amounts of FSH that then would be beneficial. hCG alone can support sperm production, but is that really true? rDNA hCG might be slightly different.

Thanks, KSman!

Any preference between Novarel and Pregnyl for you?

It is all the same and any differences will not be disclosed.