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Branch Might Take It...


With all of Prof. X's recent posts (Freeman, Haley, James, etc.) with regards to prep for the Arnold... have a look at Branch:


Looks like he's making a run at it, to say the least...


Here's the other videos in the series:

Chest pt. 1:

Chest pt. 2:

Chest pt. 3:


He's looking grainy and claims to be dieting on 600g/CHO/day...


I like ole boy blasting those obliques into the depths of hell at the 1:05 mark in the first video. Branch is looking strong man.


lol I thought the same thing.


I've always been amazed at his 'precontest' diets. He seems to be able to cut down on more carbs, and more food overall than most folks eat when trying to bulk (all that damn muscle just getting in the way of his metabolism! -lol)



Hash Browns!! LOL... why not me??


with nice counterweight two dumbbells smh.

anyway, i wish i could train at Metro Flex. theres a gym with the same kind of intensity where i live that Det trains at but they dont have the kind of equipment for BBers its all Stronman, PLing and Oly.

lol@ the guy from MetroFlex shitting on the internet gurus and their scientific formulas.

guy works with Branch and Ronnie, 2 Olympia level competitors, not one author on this site can compete with that.


yeah his chest workout on MD is inspiring, he's an intense dude. At 5'7" he's got the most mass on his frame, although Kai at 5'8" is think as hell too! Branch's chest is sick!

1-Kai 2-Vic 3-4 Toney or Branch 5-Samuel

or i might be completely wrong


Kai's diet isn't going too well, but I'm still rooting for him.


I worry about Vic's conditioning and the fact that there have been no leg shots after the surgery.

I think 1 & 2 is between Kai and Toney... but still cannot wait to see who really brings it!


I think after Vic pretty much got cheated out of the olypmia title, the politics are set up for him too win. I just don't see him being beaten.


Any videos of him training his back? or other bodyparts, just cuz i've seen these vids before.


i would love to see Kai Greene win just because he is so broke and the guy has been doing it forever.


Doing it forever? I thought Kai was a relativley new bodybuilder on the scene. Branch looks incredible BUT so does everyone else lol stiff competition... I'm rooting for him to place top 3. HE has been doing it forever!


Keep in mind as a convicted steroid dealer, Vic has politics working against him as well.

Although all the GFP stuff Kai did doesn't help his case, either...

Hopefully they leave that stuff out of it.


Fuck that Branch #1 Lets go


kai has been competing for a while and is just new to the pro scene...and to be honest I don't think he is broke anymore...with MD and Musclemeds on his side I'd say he's making ok if not great money...

I think vic not showing his leg is a good idea...some asshole would pick it apart and see something that isn't there and then the internet/mags/etc would give him negative attn leading to the show...or he has a 19" thigh and he's hiding lol...

Branch is grainy tho and I like how he believes in carbs even precontest...to each body their own...thats something I've believed for a long time...everybody is different so find what works for you and stick with it...not what some mag or internet guru says...

Also favorite quote of the branch series "you wanna pay me 10 grand I'll make a workout for you" lol



last time he was on MD training legs he didnt have a car which was 4/13/08 so idk, maybe he's gotten something since then at least i hope so.


my favorite quote was when the other guy was talking about Branch getting injured from benching and he went right over and put oils on him and prayed. the way he said it i was just like...what?