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Brainwashing 101


Interesting little film



Was the film brainwashing? Once they went into why some schools removed flags, I lost interest. I would like to know if the issue was fear of being targeted by an attack. It appears that this question was not asked and it also appears as if they interviewed not one school for an explanation or interview. Is this the anti-F/911? If so, I didn't watch that either.


Why bother posting if you didn't watch it?


Because, what if the video already brainwashed you to post it on this forum?

Then we all run the risk of being brainwashed by the video as well, and they win!


Damn you. Damn you all to hell!


The part about the flag restrictions is just an intro to the larger issue. The Steve Hinckle case is very interesting. It's worth the time to watch.

Busy doctors like the Prof can skip the first 4 minutes if they must.


Your quip was kinda funny, in a juvenile and moronic sort of way. I did laugh. But watch the video too.


Great film and excellent topic!

Universtities have turned into bastions of liberalism. And not a healthy liberalism but a very radical brand. One that is hateful, stifling and very closed minded.

The funny part is that many continue to deny this as fact.

Interesting that the one republican college guy from Cal Poly was identified as "white and blue eyed." That sort of branding in terms of race would be looked down on by liberals (and should be) if the role were reversed.

However politically correct radical liberals are blind to fairness and always have been.

Great film doogie!

While it's fairly lengthy (for an Internet flick) it is well worth seeing if you want a glimpse into how many liberal universities operate.


You did laugh so, you're saying you're kind of juvenile and moronic?

That must have been difficult to admit so openly.

And NO! I'm not watching the video and you can't make me! na na nana na >8-p


I'll watch this when the right wing nuts watch F-9/11.


Watch this. Seriously.


You are right here. Maybe it's because these professors are so out of touch with reality, couple that with the fact they could not hack it in the real world, and they ended up teaching their slanted hatefull views to our youth.

I'll admit that when I was in college I was eco-liberal. That all changed when I learned I had to make a living on my own and not to count on others for my own salvation.


I watched it and it's a piece of garbage.


There's a funny thing that happens when people brandish labels upon their opponents.

Often they describe the groups that view their opponent through those lables.


I saw Bowling for Columbine. That was enough for me.

I don't need to take two bites of a shit sandwich to know it tastes bad.


That was not liberalism, that was good old fashioned stupidity and cowardice.

Any "liberal" that would not automatically stand on the side of those students has lost any right to call himself a liberal.

Libertas = Freedom


Great film.

I've dealt with University officials on power trips, they're extremely unreasonable people.

Any Uni students in the US witnessed any of this personally? (University's as fascist institutions I mean.)


I never had one professor try to force any political beliefs on me. If anything, their goal was to promote free thinking and the ability to express your opinion well in open forum. It was never an issue in my education. In fact, I now consider many of those professors some of the best teachers, period, that I ever came across in my life. I credit many of them with helping piece together parts of my education that had been missing from public education growing up. Suddenly, math was no longer a weak point but one of my strongest areas that I used to tutor others in. Writing became one of my favorite classes and Biology, Biochemistry and Anatomy were like candy. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks of college as "forced liberalism". I think any events like that are on a very limited scale and being blown out of proportion.

I loved college.


In all my time in college I only had one professor who I knew was a conservative, and he was an econ professor. And actually, I think he was more of a libertarian. Poli Sci., Philosophy, History, etc. were usually liberal to radicals. I actually enjoyed it, college is a great time to bang up against new ideas, and for the most part the kids who fall hard for the uber-lefty stuff in college grow out of it as the years go by. That is unless they stay on campus and become professors themselves.

To be honest, I think the far lefty environment is actually only a problem for lefties, because they don't get as many opportunities to hear dissenting opinions and are under a lot of pressure to conform.

Those right leaning kids that fight the power so to speak and go against the university establishment probably get more out of the experience because they actually have skin in the game.


Wow. As Zeb said, that's not "liberal" in the sense of classical liberalism. That's fascism, plain and simple.


Any Uni students in the US witnessed any of this personally?

No, but I went to college on an ROTC scholarship. There were some students who looked down on that either because they assumed my parents were "too poor" to afford college or because I was one of those evil people who was part of the military. But it wasn't a big deal. Keep in mind I graduated in 1989 just when the Cold War was coming to an end. It didn't bother me because I strongly believed then, as I do now, in free speech. If someone has a problem with the military they should absolutely have the right to speak up.

My law school initially didn't allow the military to recruit on campus for the JAG Corps because of the military's policy towards gays. That policy changed when some students informed the administration that we were paying a butt load of money to go into a profession with a highly competitive job market, and it might make future donations to the school more likely if we had access to every possible job opportunity. Money talks, eh?